Kaliningrad Border Crossings

Kaliningrad Border Crossings

Traveling to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad can be done in more than one way. Those traveling Europe or spending time in neighbouring countries such as Poland or Lithuania will be able to cross the land borders in order to visit Kaliningrad, providing that all travelers have the necessary documents, such as a Russian visa.

It is also possible to enter Kaliningrad by train from Lithuania. Many routes will include tourist buses on regular routes or you may be able to cross the border yourself, whether walking, cycling or driving.

The following information is designed to aid visitors to Kaliningrad who wish to enter the country via one of the checkpoints on the borders with Poland and Lithuania. There are 4 different land border crossings between Kaliningrad and Poland and 5 along the border with Lithuania, 2 of which are railways crossings.

List of Border Crossings with Poland

The following border crossings are listed from west to east along the border between Kaliningrad and Poland. One of the most common checkpoints between Kaliningrad and Poland is called Grzechotki-Mamonovo, listed below. Remember, you will need to apply for a Kaliningrad eVisa for Polish Citizens.

Despite Grzechotki-Mamonovo being the largest, the other checkpoints on the list below are all open to those who wish to cross the border between Poland and Kaliningrad, given that they are able to provide the necessary documentation for entry.

  1. Border crossing Mamonovo-Gronovo
    Russian road: A194/27A-021
    Polish road: 54
  2. Border crossing Grzechotki-Mamonovo (BIGGEST CHECKPOINT)
    Russian road: P516/E28
    Polish road: S22/E28
  3. Border crossing Warmińsko-Mazurski (Polish name)
    Russian road: A195
    Polish road: S51
  4. Border crossing Goldap-Gusev
    Russian road: 65
    Polish road: 65

List of Border Crossings with Lithuania

There are 5 different border crossings between Lithuania and Poland, 2 of which are railway crossings. Whether taking a train or crossing a land border by car, bus, bicycle or on foot, it is advised that travelers inform themselves of any documents they may require in order to do so.

The following list is ordered from the southernmost point of the border between Lithuania and Kaliningrad to the most northwestern point.

  1. Railway crossing Kybartai
  2. Border crossing Chernyshevskoye-Kybartai
    Russian road: E28/A229
    Lithuanian road: E28/A7
  3. Border crossing Panemunė-Sovetsk
    Russian road: A216/E77
    Lithuanian road: A12/E77
  4. Railway crossing Pagėgiai
  5. Border crossing Nida
    Russian road: R515
    Lithuanian road: 167

Requirements for Crossing the Border to Kaliningrad

When crossing the border, applicants will be required to fulfill certain entry requirements and to have the necessary documents prepared. Documents such as a passport or a valid Russian visa may be necessary depending on the nationality of the traveler.
If you require a visa in order to visit Kaliningrad, it is possible to apply online for a Russian eVisa which makes the process of applying for a visa much easier.

Applicants should first make sure that they know which type of visa to apply for and that they have the necessary documents in order to be able to apply. Once double-checked, the visa application online is a smooth process that enables travelers to Kaliningrad to apply for a visa without visiting a Russian consulate or embassy.

Be aware that while security procedures may seem less than those of an airport, crossing a land border still involves passport control and the same security requirements or customs declarations. It is recommended that travelers take particular care with any substances or goods of which they may be in possession prior to traveling, in the case that they are prohibited in Kaliningrad. For example, travelers on specific medication may be required to provide a prescription or doctor’s note depending on the substance.