Russian e-Visa for Luxembourgers

The Russian Federation has introduced new rules regarding visa applications as part of its ‘Digital Economy’ initiative.

These new rules are a practical yet convenient way for travelers from the countries slated to benefit from them, which include Luxembourg, through an online visa application system known as Russia eVisa.

All foreign nationals interested in traveling to Russia will need a visa to enter the country. The type of visa they need depends on the purpose of their visit as well as the duration of their stay in the country.

As such, the Russian Federation offers a variety of visa types for individuals covering a range of circumstances that necessitate their visit to Russia.

Travelers of Luxembourg must consider the different Russia visa options available to them through the Russian embassy or online in order to determine the best visa option for their needs.

Russian E-visa Types for Luxembourg Nationals

Citizens of Luxembourg are eligible to obtain the Russian e-visa in order to travel to the country.

The Russian e-visas have been developed specifically to the areas in Russia that the applicant is interested in traveling to. This means that the Russian e-visa for a specific region is valid for travel only to/from and within that specific region.

Luxembourgers interested in traveling to multiple regions within Russia may need to obtain separate e-visas that will allow them to travel to those regions as well.

There are two types of Russian e-visas available to citizens of Luxembourg:

St. Petersburg and Leningrad eVisa for Luxembourgers

Travelers from Luxembourg can apply for a Russian e-visa for the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

This e-Visa can be obtained as either a single-entry or double-entry permit and Luxembourgers can travel to the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region in Russia within 30 days from the date the e-Visa is issued to them.

Travelers from Luxembourg will be allowed a maximum stay of 8 days in the region.

This e-visa is valid for entry from the following ports:

  • Air: Pulkovo airport (St Petersburg)
  • Land: Ivangorod, Brusnychnoe, Svetogorsk, Torfjanovka
  • Sea: Vysotsk, Marine Station, Passenger Port of St. Petersburg
  • Pedestrian: Ivangorod
Online visa to St Petersburg

Kaliningrad region eVisa for Luxembourg

Luxembourg nationals can obtain a Russian e-visa to travel to the Kaliningrad region, which is located on the Southeast coast of the Baltic sea.

This e-Visa will be valid for 30 days from the date of issuance and allows the traveler a maximum stay of 8 days in the country.

The Kaliningrads e-Visa is exclusively available online to eligible travelers from 53 countries around the world. Travelers can enter the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad Oblast for the purposes of tourism, business, or humanitarian causes.

Travelers from Luxembourg should note that the Russian Federation requires that approved travelers on the Russian e-visa for the Kaliningrad region must enter/exit the region from the same port of entry.

The following ports of entry can be used for traveling to/from the Kaliningrad Oblast region:

  • Air: Khrabrovo airport (Kaliningrad city)
  • Sea: Baltiysk, Kaliningrad city, Svetly
  • Road: Bagrationovsk, Gusev
  • Rail: Mamonovo, Sovetsk
Kaliningrad Visa Information

How to Obtain a Russian E-visa From Luxembourg

Travelers from Luxembourg will need to fill out an online Russia visa application to gain electronic access to the country.

The online e-Visa applications for Russia usually take 10 minutes to complete by Luxembourgers.

To be considered eligible citizens, travelers of Luxembourg need to comply with the entry visa requirements established by Russia:

  • A valid Luxembourger passport will be required
  • The passport validity must extend beyond 6 months and have at least one blank page
  • A valid email address to receive notifications regarding the Russia eVisa application
  • A debit or credit card that can be used for making online payments

Travelers can also complete the application in multiple sessions if needed, especially if they require time to procure supporting documentation required for their e-visa application.

Luxembourger travelers will have to pay a processing fee towards the end of the application process before submitting the application for review. It usually takes around 4 business days for travelers of Luxembourg to receive their Russian e-visa if their application has been approved.

They are also required to print out a copy of their e-visa application to take with them when they travel so as to be granted entry into Russia.

Russian Embassies in Luxembourg

Russian Embassy in Luxembourg Ville, Luxembourg
Address: Château de Beggen, 116 rue Cyprien Merjai, 1719 Luxembourg Ville, Luxembourg
Telephone: (+352) 42 23 33 / (+352) 42 29 29
Fax: (+352) 42 23 34