Saint Petersburg and Leningrad E-visa

Apply for St. Petersburg E-visa

In recent months, Russia has taken the step to modernize its visa process and decided to implement a new online visa system for various parts of the country. At present, the available visas are the Kaliningrad eVisa and the eVisa for the Far East regions of Russia. As of October 1, there will also be a new visa available for St. Petersburg for which applicants will be able to apply for online.

Read more to find out who is available to apply for the new eVisa, the requirements for visa, and how to complete the application process.

What is an E-visa for St. Petersburg?

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An eVisa is a visa that can be obtained online by filling out an application form. The St. Petersburg eVisa is simple to apply for and can be applied for up to 4 days prior to the traveler’s trip to St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

The eVisa for St, Petersburg will be authorized to visa applicants with a validity of 8 days’ stay in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. However, the eVisa will be valid for 30 days to use. Once the 30-day validity period has expired, travelers will not be able to use their eVisa to enter Russia. In the event of expiration, travelers will be expected to re-apply for an eVisa for St. Petersburg.

Who Needs a St. Petersburg eVisa?

Citizens of the following eligible countries and territories are able to get either a single or double-entry tourist visa for Russia valid for a stay of up to 30 days in the country:

Requirements for Saint Petersburg e-Visa

Those who wish to apply for the St. Petersburg visa online will be required to fulfill specific visa requirements in order to receive an approved visa. The following requirements must be followed in order to successfully apply:

An email address

Without an email address, the online application form will not be attached to any electronic contact details and it will not be able to be processed. Applicants must ensure that they are able to give a valid email address in order to receive updates regarding the visa process and eventual confirmation.

Valid passport

Providing that the applicant is a citizen of a country eligible for application, they will be able to apply for an eVisa for St. Petersburg. However, it is crucial that applicants check the validity of their passport. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months upon the date of arrival in Russia.

Valid debit or credit card

Applicants should provide valid card payment in order to process the application form correctly. Without payment of the visa, it will not be possible to process the eVisa.

Visa Application Online for St. Petersburg

Applying for the eVisa will be simple. Travelers who wish to apply for the eVisa to St. Petersburg should make sure that they are able to comply with the aforementioned requirements before applying. Once the requirements have been revised, it will be possible to apply for the St. Petersburg online visa by filling out the online application form.

Once the application form has been filled out correctly and submitted, applicants will receive a confirmation email and will receive their visa by email. It may be necessary to print off the visa approval to present at the border upon arrival.

This method of online visa application has become more popular in recent years and has helped to speed up immigration system processing. It is also easier for travelers who wish to obtain a visa.